The new DermLite DL3N is now even more capable than ever. With refined optics and improved visualization of both pigmented and vascular structures, it is the tool of choice of the world’s leading dermatologists.

新款的DermLiteDL3N比以往任何機型功能都更強大。精緻的光學和色素性及血管結構的改進可視化, 這些都是世界領先的皮膚科醫生選擇的工具。

Precision-engineered and crafted from recyclable aluminum, it features a 25 mm four-element lens, 28 high-powered LEDs and the all-new PigmentBoost™ illumination. For optimum ease of use, a quick tap on its power button instantly toggles between polarization modes while the optional PigmentBoost mode produces a warmer illumination reminiscent of conventional dermatoscopes.

精密設計和鋁合金回收再精製而成,它具有25毫米的四元件鏡頭,28個高功率的LED及全新PigmentBo ost™照明分析功能。為了達到最佳的易用性,快速點擊電源按鈕能立即在偏振模式之間進行切換, 而可選的PigmentBoost模式產生了暖色的照明讓人聯想到傳統的皮膚鏡。

The convenient DermLite DL3N retractable faceplate spacer design and focusing mechanism enables you to quickly switch between non-contact and skin contact modalities and lets you precisely focus your image while in skin contact. The spacer comes with a glass faceplate with 10 mm markings and, due to its fully enclosed design, contaminants as well as undesirable ambient lighting no longer affect your image. To reduce reflections and may greatly improve the contrast of the image, an optional eyepiece is included.

方便的DermLiteDL3N可伸縮式面板墊片設計以及對焦機制,讓您可以快速切換在非接觸及接觸皮膚之 間,讓您精確地聚焦您的影像。墊片上的玻璃面板帶有10mm的游標尺,而且由於其採用全封閉設計 ,污染物以及不良的環境光線不再影響您的影像。另可選用降低反射並且可以大大提高圖像的對比 度的接目鏡。

With the new DermLite DL3N, it’s easy to create your very own digital dermoscopy system by attaching one of many compatible cameras or camera-equipped mobile devices. Simply attach your digital camera, smartphone or iPad, extend the spacer, and start taking sharp, glare-free images quickly and easily.

隨著新的DermLiteDL3N,很容易透過連接許多兼容相機或帶有攝影鏡頭的手機設備來創建您自己專屬 的數位皮膚鏡系統。只需將您的數位相機、智能手機或iPad等,裝上轉接殼,就能開始快速且輕鬆地 捕捉銳利、無眩光的圖像。

This state-of-the-art device will let you know when it’s time to recharge its long-lasting lithium battery: Once the charge level drops below 25%, the “3” on the top of device changes from green to orange.

頂級工藝般的設備將讓你知道何時需要為長效鋰電池充電:一旦電量低於25%時,在設備的頂端有 個“3”的字樣會由綠色燈號變為橙色燈號。

The new DermLite DL3N packs the unique advantages of both polarized and non-polarized dermoscopy with or without immersion fluids, improved vascular imaging, color temperature selection with PigmentBoost, great optics, solid durability, refined ergonomics and amazing versatility into a beautifully elegant design.

新款DermLiteDL3N整合其獨特優勢在偏振光和非偏振光皮膚鏡以及浸泡或非浸泡液體,改善血管成像 ,色溫選擇應用於PigmentBoost,大光學,牢固耐用,精緻的人體工學設計和令人驚嘆的多功能性成 為一個美麗優雅的設計。

* Compare to other pocket dermatoscopes

* Directions for Use (414k PDF)

Note: Prior to using this product, please read the battery manufacturer's Material Safety Data Sheet

DermLite DL3N

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