DermLiTe Lumio®

Lumio is the ideal device for general skin exams where an in-depth, glare-free image of the skin is essential.

With its 75 mm lens offering a magnification of 2x, the power of 40 bright-white LEDs (light emitting diodes), and cross-polarization, Lumio is a great tool for a variety of dermatological exams: Varicose veins, pigmented skin lesions, hair follicles and much more.

Lumio is powered by AA batteries that allow for a minimum of 250 exams at 30 seconds each.

Model No. LUM is supplied with one Lumio, four AA batteries and one protective neoprene pouch.


* permanent cross-polarization

* 40 LEDs

* AA batteries

* 75 mm 2x lens

* stylish, ergonomic design

* protective neoprene pouch

* Directions for Use (1 MB PDF)

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